Affordable kitchen worktops London, UK


Quartz countertops are an innovative and inexpensive way to add a touch of elegance to your London property. RomeStone has been known for its high-quality and cheap rate kitchen worktops London and skilled installation for a long time. When deciding what kind of countertop to put in their new kitchen, homeowners face a big decision. It can be hard to choose between quartz, marble, and granite for kitchen countertops. Even though they all look like they are made of natural stone and act the same, they each have pros and cons.

Granite is made up of many different minerals, so it can be so many different colours and have so many different textures. Granite lasts longer and doesn’t get damaged as easily as marble, and it only needs to be sealed once a year.

What do quartz worktops consist of?

We’ll put in engineered stone quartz worktops in your London home. A special vibration process presses resins, glue, and pigments into quartz grains. After the quartz slab has been cured in a hot kiln, stonemasons like London’s RomeStone cut and move it.

Most of the time, quartz worktops are just as durable and resistant to stains as granite:

They are also available in many different colours and textures.

Quartz worktops don’t have to be sealed as often as granite worktops:

London’s quartz worktops have gone down because production methods and cutting technologies have improved.

People often choose engineered stone for kitchen worktops because the colour stays the same length and needs less maintenance than real stone.

Wonderful beauty:

Marble has always been a popular choice for worktops because of its shine and durability. You can see a wide range of colours in the molten stone, from strong white and dark to deep rose to yellow and dim green. Because of how well-made it is, you can use it in many different ways around the house. Because of this, marble is often used in bathrooms, around fireplaces, and on floors.

Able to handle the heat:

Naturally, cool marble can take a lot of heat. It is easy to use with hot pots and pans in the kitchen. It can stand up to the occasional spark, making it a popular choice for chimneys.


Carrara marble, for example, is one of the least expensive common stone worktop materials, even though rarer types of marble can be very expensive. Marble is different from other quartz stones in that it comes in many colours and unique shapes.

Easy to keep up with:

Because marble is so smooth, it is easy to clean and take care of. Any messes or spills were cleaned up right away. As one of only two approved merchants in the South West, we use a Dry-Treat changeless impregnating sealer to attach our Affordable kitchen worktops London. This sealer prevents stains better than anything else on the market. Our driving stone care product can also help keep your worktops looking their best. It doesn’t need a lot of maintenance.