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Frequently Asked Questions About Worktops And Us


If you would like to get a price for a kitchen worktop we ask that you provide us with a few things in order to get the best price. 1. Tell us the type of material and colour you would like to go for and the thickness preference. 2 Send us the kitchen worktop measurements, if you are able to email the kitchen plan we can better understand the layout and help to reduce the price of worktop from this. 3 We need to know the location of the worktop to be fitted as location could effect the price. Any additional information like overhand and breakfast bars are crucial, so be sure to tell us as much as you can.
After template we aim to fit your worktop within a week. However this is just a guidance time and could be less or slightly more depending on time of year and other factors.
Recently more customers choose to go for Quartz kitchen worktops, they do this because it is a very sturdy and efficient worktop. Going for marble or granite can not only be expensive but also requires a lot of maintenance to keep it looking good. We would recommend to go for quartz. Have a look at the many different types of quartz we offer.
We tend not to seal up the backsides of the worktops. We tell our clients to leave that to the last minute, because as dust builds up it will stick to the mastic and ruin the look of it, so we recommend to leave it to the end.
We are based in Park Royal-London. You are more than happy to come and visit us and to view all the samples in store. We can help you to decide on what would suite your kitchen worktop.