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Quartz Worktop London

Our Quartz Worktop London are well known in the market because of their quality and pricing. They match with every customer needs. You can always make your countertops look brand new with warm water and a microfiber cloth. This makes them great for the kitchen and other areas of the house that get a lot of use. Quartz is one of the hardest things found in nature. Because of this, engineered quartz surfaces are harder than marble and don't stain or scratch easily. Because of this, Quartz Worktop London has become a very popular choice for countertops in a short amount of time. Quartz countertops are available in many different styles, from traditional to modern. Quartz countertops are less likely to get stained than those made of materials like Granite, which are more porous. Quartz doesn't absorb water as Granite and marble do. This makes it a great choice for kitchen countertops. Rome Stones is proud to say it is the number one provider of Quartz Worktop London. Because of this, you can count on us to put beautiful Quartz Worktop London in your home or office. One of our company's best qualities is that our team works hard to meet each customer's unique needs.

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Quartz Worktops London

We have a full staff ready to help you plan, cut, and fit your kitchen worktops. We keep our turn-around time as short as possible so your kitchen can be up and running as soon as possible. We know how valuable your time and kitchen are because breakfast is the day's most important meal. So why not in the kitchen of your dreams?

Quartz Worktop alternative

Quartz is one of the hardest substances on Earth. Because of this, engineered quartz surfaces are more durable than marble and can't be stained or scratched. As a result, Quartz has become one of the most popular worktop materials in recent years. Whether you want a traditional or modern look, you can find a quartz worktop that fits your needs.

If you want to find an alternative to marble, consider these five types of Quartz:

●       Empira White

This item's Quartz is made to look like more traditional Calacatta marbles. However, its almost-black veins give it a modern look, and its classic white background makes any room feel rich. Empira White combines the natural beauty of stone with high quality and durability. Empira White quartz is a great choice if you want to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your home.

●       Noble Grey

For a classic look in the kitchen, neutral colours like Noble Grey are great. Noble Grey can blend into the background or make a strong statement when paired with dark cabinetry. The veining in Noble Grey is simple enough to fit in a traditional kitchen but modern enough to stand out.

●       Calacatta Nuvo

Calacatta Nuvo looks like a natural stone because of its off-white colour, depth, and the way its tones vary naturally. The Calacatta Nuvo is a great choice to give your kitchen a classic look that will last for many years.

●       Statuario Maximus

This quartz worktop is perfect for large kitchen islands or as a single slab splashback. Its strong, flowing veins make it look like classic marbles and are perfect for both uses. It will quickly give your kitchen a sleek, elegant look when paired with dark cabinets and gold or brass hardware. Installing glass pendant lights over the kitchen island and worktops could give the room a more elegant look.

●       Vanilla Noir

In contrast to traditional black marble, the base of Vanilla Noir quartz is made up of dark, scattered veins. The dense pattern gives the design an unusual depth, and the smooth surface makes a strong statement. Pair a lot of natural light with dark cabinets for a dramatic look, or go with white for a striking contrast.

Quartz Worktop benefits

1.      Super-Resistant to Messes and Dirt

Quartz worktops are not easy to stain like porous stones like granite. However, quartz worktops are great for kitchens because they don't soak up liquids like granite and marble.

2.      Easy maintenance is the second benefit.

Unlike some other natural stones, like marble, quartz worktops don't need much care. Simple to clean, all you need is some warm water and a microfiber cloth to keep your worktops looking brand new. Because of this, they are a great choice for the kitchen and other high-traffic rooms in the house.

3.      They can change easily.

Quartz worktops are more flexible in design than natural stones like granite. However, they are very flexible, so you can mould them into any shape you want to make a custom worktop. This is another reason why quartz worktops are used so often in homes, businesses, and custom projects.

4.      Robust and long-lasting

Quartz worktops are strong and last a long time. They are also very resistant to chips and scratches. Even though natural stones like granite have these qualities, quartz worktops have added flexibility, making them easier to install and shape.

5.      There are a lot of colours to choose from at low prices.

Quartz worktops have quickly replaced granite and marble in British kitchens. This is because there are many different colours and patterns to choose from. In recent years, more composite stone products have been made, leading to huge market growth. Because of this, London residents on a tight budget can now enjoy the beauty and durability of quartz stone even if they don't have a lot of money.

Quartz Worktop cost

On average, quartz worktops, including installation, cost between £50 and £100 per square foot. So, even a small worktop (say 54 square feet) would cost between £2,700 and £5,400. Depending on the quality of the quartz slab you choose, you will find yourself in a certain price range.

Quartz Worktop colours

1. Grey quartz worktops:

Grey quartz worktops are made of 93% quartz and 7% polymer resin. Gray makes things look and feel like they are made of granite.

Grey quartz worktops have become increasingly popular because they are easy to keep clean. On dark grey worktops, fingerprints and handprints are hard to see, but they can't be seen at all on light grey surfaces.

2. Black quartz worktops:

Black stands out so much that it's easy to be the centre of attention. Black quartz worktops are great for a kitchen because they give the room a sophisticated look. It's a great addition to any house, shop, or office room, especially the kitchen.

3. White quartz worktops:

White worktops in the kitchen are a simple way to update the space's look without doing a full remodel. It will add a modern and elegant look to any kitchen, no matter its style, size, or shape. White quartz worktops are some of the most valuable stones in the world. They are 93% pure. So, the surface is protected from damage from scratches, spills, and stains. On the other hand, white needs a lot of maintenance to keep its bright look.

4. Brown quartz worktops:

One of the best-selling options for kitchen worktops, brown Quartz is prized for its attractive appearance, durability, and versatility. Quartz can be found in a wide range of colors because it is found in many places on Earth. However, brown quartz worktops are often chosen because they look charming and beautiful.

5. Blue quartz worktops:

You can choose from many beautiful colors with engineered quartz worktops, like the classic blue Quartz. However, darker work surfaces, called "Navy Stardust," also had a soft blue background with tiny mirror flecks. Due to the different resins used to make Quartz, blue Quartz worktops are possible, which is a nice change from the more common black and brown ones.

Quartz Worktop cutting services

If you want to know more about our fabrication services about a product that caught your eye, you're in the right place. This page has been set up to give you more information and a picture of what you're ordering. If you want to, you can add your fabrication preferences here, but it's unnecessary. Instead, choose the material you want to buy to see what cutting services are available.

Our great sales team will help you through the process, and our skilled in-house fabricators will care for everything else.

Quartz Worktop direct supplier

We are well-known in the wholesale and trading industries as one of the best places to get Granite and Marble slabs. There are many choices, such as Sandstone Slab, Granite Slab, and Marble Slab. When making the offered range, the application's needs are considered. Quality controllers then check the range. People like these things because they can be used frequently, last a long time, and don't break or scratch easily.

Quartz Worktop edging services

Sharp corners have been rounded and softened, so the shape is now square. This is a great way to finish the edges of a sleek, modern, and minimalist room. A lot of quartz worktops have this style of edge. Since the corners are neither square nor right, the term "eased" is used to describe them. The process of cleaning up is easy.

Quartz Worktop Edge Profiles:

●       Bevel edges are a unique type of edge called a Chamfer edge.

As an extra touch, a 45-degree polish runs along the corner of the counter. You'll want to run your finger along that curved edge all the time because it feels so good.

●       Pencil Round

About the same width as the lead on a pencil. This has been the standard for laminate worktops for a long time, and it still is.

●       Bull nose

This almost makes a perfect circle around the edge of the table. Still, that little line at the top makes it unique.

●       Sharks Nose

This workbench's front edge is straight and narrow, getting wider as it moves back toward the base. This edge profile is a godsend for kitchen cabinets without handles because it gives you more room to reach the door pulls.

●       Ogee

Even though it's not very common, the ogee profile looks great on fancy cabinets. It's a fancier edge that works best for picture frames and kitchen display islands.

Quartz Worktop Fitting services

We offer onsite worktop fabrication services like cutting, cleaning, repairing, and installing your kitchen worktop. Importantly, your worktop materials can be made where you want, whether at home or elsewhere. We also install kitchen worktops for homes, businesses, and people who buy bulk.

Quartz Worktop Fitting services

We are the most popular worktop installation company in the London, United Kingdom. When it comes to installing quartz worktops, we have some of the most skilled and dedicated experts in the field working for us. In addition, we have professional fitters and cutters for worktops all over the Greater London.

Quartz Worktop Grades

There are three main types of quartz quality: first-choice Quartz, commercial-grade Quartz, and second-choice Quartz. The quality of the Quartz used to build your home affects its value, how easy it is to sell, and how much upkeep it needs.


  • Colors that are bright and have few veins 
  • It has a smooth, marble-like finish 
  • It is almost perfect and has a unique shine 
  • It costs a lot but lasts a long time 
  • Usually, 7–8% resin
  • Costs $80–$100 or more per square foot


  • They are used in hotels, bars, restaurants, and other service industries. 
  • Best balance between price and quality. 
  • Each square foot costs between $60 and $80. 
  • Has between 8% and 11% resin in it.


  • builder-grade material
  • Less shiny and cheaper than the first choice and commercial grade Quartz
  • Often used in pre-made models
  • Affordable for beginner-level projects with more than 12% resin
  • $50–$60 per square foot

Quartz Worktop heat resistant

Heat cannot damage Quartz.

Even though the stone can stand up to heat, the resin inside can't. Only 150 degrees Fahrenheit is hot enough to melt granite, so anything hotter than that will melt it.

If the resin gets too hot, it can change colour and turn white. It might be hard at best to fix the problem when this happens.

To keep your worktops safe, you should never forget to use trivets and hot pads. Even though the occasional hot pan won't hurt your surface, you should always use potholders to be safe.

Quartz Worktop Installation

A skilled crew should only ever put in quartz worktops. It's the only way to move the huge slab without getting hurt. After the slab is put in place, the area where it meets is caulked. This can be spread evenly and smoothly across the surface by running or beading it. After being raised, the piece of Quartz is put in place by lowering it.

Quartz Installation cost in London

Quartz worktops can cost anywhere from $175 to $300 per square foot, but the higher end of that range is more common. In addition, the price can vary depending on the type of finish you want: The amount of cutouts for the sink, fittings, and edge detail, which all have to be done onsite, makes the installation more work.

Installation guide

The old appliances and fixtures in the kitchen are easy to get rid of. Most of the time, you only need a few simple tools and a willing helper. This gear will come in handy:

  1. First, make sure that the water is turned off to the tap.
  2. The second step is to turn off the water by removing the pipes from the sink's base. For this job, a wrench might come in handy. There may be some water in the lines, so you should have towels and buckets on hand.
  3. Third, use the wrench to take the drain line off the sink.
  4. Fourth, take the cabinet drawers out of the way to make the job easier.
  5. Fifth, remove the sink, undo the clips and loosen the screws.
  6. Sixth, remove the clamps and other things that hold the worktop If it's stuck to the cabinet, use the bar to pry it off. There's a chance you'll also have to separate the joints in the worktop. Take out the parts of the counter you don't need.
  7. In the seventh step, you will have to remove the cabinets from where they are attached and move them.

Installation services in London

Adding and installing new appliances and fixtures in your home can give it a fresh, modern look. It's not meant to be done by just one person, though, because the job needs certain skills and knowledge to be done right. Putting something you just bought together is always a pain. It takes time to figure out what to mount and where to mount it so that you get the best results. Working nonstop to clean up the mess is not a good idea because you might not get anything done. The smartest thing you can do is hire a professional. This article gives you full answers to all of your questions about setting up and installing.

Quartz worktop joint

Two separate pieces of granite or Quartz are butted up against each other to make a joint. Your builder should go to the job site to discuss where the joints should go. When making a granite or quartz worktop, the longest length that can be made without joints is usually 3000 mm.

Joint filler

When putting in new quartz work surfaces, this Silestone quartz jointing compound is the finishing touch. This compound is needed to put down a new surface. It works well with Silestone quartz decors and makes a strong, long-lasting bond between slabs.

Joint repairing Service

Quartz is the best material for wet processing in the semiconductor industry because it is pure and doesn't react badly with other chemicals. We Rome Stones has been making high-quality quartz wet process tanks for almost 20 years.

Our quartz tanks are made of high-quality materials and are put together by skilled workers. Because chemical residue, vapors, and human error can damage seals, housings, wiring, and quartz chambers, we offer restoration and quartz repair services to keep you from buying a new tank. Getting an old tank fixed might be a good deal compared to the cost of a new one.

Quartz Worktop Kitchen cost and designing ideas

On average, quartz worktops, including installation, cost between £50 and £100 per square foot. So, even a small worktop (say 54 square feet) would cost between £2,700 and £5,400. Depending on the quality of the quartz slab you choose, you will find yourself in a certain price range.

Quartz Worktop is a complete service provider in London

We have over 200 different kinds of Quartz in stock, so if you are looking for a certain kind, you can find it here. Note that different manufacturers may call the same material by different names. If you have a sample, sending a picture of it will help us give you a fair price.

Quartz Worktop maintenance

Quartz worktops are easy to take care of and can be cleaned quickly with a damp cloth or paper towel. If any residue needs extra care, you should use a mild, chlorine-free, nonabrasive cleaner. Scrubbing your quartz worktop over and over with an abrasive material will make the surface look worn and cause damage.

Quartz Worktop maximum length

One piece of granite or Quartz can't be longer than 3000mm without being connected to another piece. So if the worktop is made of granite and has a hole cut out for a stove or sink, the length of the worktop may need to be cut because the material is weaker where the hole is.

Are quartz worktops worth the money?

Even though Quartz is expensive, so are its alternatives, especially real stones. HomeAdvisor.com says that quartz costs $75 per square foot, marble costs $60 per square foot, and granite costs between $40 and $60 per square foot. Quartz can be made to look like almost anything.

Quartz Worktop near me in Greater London

We Rome Stones are proud to be the Leading seller of  kitchens worktops in the London, UK. As a result, we are the best choice to put beautiful quartz worktops in your home or business. One of our biggest strengths is that our team is dedicated to meeting the needs of each client.

Buy Quartz Worktop online store in London

We can give you a choice of edges for your worktops. Unless otherwise stated, all of our standard worktops have the same edge. If this were written on another edge, it would cost extra, depending on how big the worktop was. The edges of your kitchen make a huge difference in how it looks and finishes. For example, our kitchen worktops have a 1/4-inch bevel on the edge facing the sink. This will not only make the place look better, but it will also make it safer to work there.

Quartz Worktop Kitchen quartz worktop pros and cons

The Pros:

Quartz solid surface worktops are a good choice because they look nice, last a long time, and don't stain easily.

●       Appearance

Quartz is unquestionably best known for its beautiful look, which gives any kitchen a luxurious feel.

●       Durability

The fact that quartz worktops last a long time is a big plus. In addition, the surface is not porous, so it won't crack or get stained.

●       Taking care of it is easy.

When shopping for a kitchen worktop, it's important to consider how easy it is to clean. If you take pride in keeping your kitchen clean, choose a surface that is easy to clean and disinfect.

The Cons:

Now that we've talked about the main pros of Quartz, it's important to note that, like any other kitchen surface, it has a list of cons you should carefully consider before making a final decision.

●       Cost

Quartz isn't very cheap, though. There is a cost to its not being porous, being very durable, and looking very nice. Prices could range from £50 to £100, depending on the brand, style, and material.

●       Impossible to resist Heat

Quartz can stand up to heat, but the resin and polymer fillers used to make it can't. This means that if hot cookware is left on the worktops, it could cause them to change color or stain for a long time.

●       Appearance

Quartz, as we've said, may give your kitchen an air of sophistication. True, but Quartz has a more modern look, which isn't always a bad thing since "beauty" is a personal thing.

Do You Need to Polish the Quartz worktop?

But cleaning the pad with a power tool and a diamond polishing pad takes more work. Even though quartz worktops might be as shiny as marble, they are not the same. When polished, quartz slabs can look like other materials like granite or marble.

Quartz worktop quality levels check

You can also test the quality of a piece of Quartz by dripping it with diluted hydrochloric acid, lemon juice, or white grape vinegar. The best Quartz won't bubble or change when it comes in contact with the things above. If black spots appear on your Quartz, it has a high porosity level and can't be used as a worktop.

Can Quartz worktops be repaired?

In business places like shops and restaurants, quartz worktops can be fixed if they get chipped, just like granite worktops. Likewise, we fix many things made of stone, like door surrounds and other office decorations.

Are Quartz Worktops Stain Resistant?

Because the resins make the surface almost impermeable, Quartz is less likely to stain and doesn't need to be sealed. Because of this, liquids can't get through. As a result, Quartz can't be stained, not even by water, like unfinished marble can.

Are Quartz Worktops Worth the Cost?

In general, Quartz is, without a doubt, worth the price. Of course, Quartz is an expensive material, but if it's the right choice for you, a Quartz workbench will be a one-time investment because it will last for decades.