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Granite Worktop London

At Rome Stones, we give our customers high-quality Granite worktops London at fair prices. Granite counters look like Quartz but don't get damaged by water as Quartz does. Quartz can be made in many colours and textures, but Granite can only be made in a few colours. We have a wide range of products in stock, such as Quartz, marble, and Granite worktops London, which we can modify to fit your needs and design preferences. Because we put a lot of value on our relationships with our vendors, we can offer you the best products at the best prices. We've cut the cost of labour, materials, and installation for your kitchen worktops so that you can get the most for your money. We won't have to change the look or durability of our Granite worktops London if we do this. We will take off your old countertop, level the floor for your cabinets, and caulk all the seams and cracks if you hire us. The job of installing something is only done once the customer is happy. Our skilled installers know what they're doing and can do the job right every time. This is why we are known among the best providers of Granite worktops London.

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Black Granite Worktop in London

At Rome Stones, we care about our customers and try to give them high-quality Granite and marble worktops that are affordable. We have a lot of things in stock, like quartz, marble and granite kitchen worktops, and we can change them to fit your needs and style preferences. Because we value our relationships with all of our suppliers, we can keep our prices as low as possible while still giving you the best products possible. We've cut the costs of labor, materials, and installation prices for your kitchen worktops to ensure you get real value for your money. We can do this without giving up the beauty or strength of our granite worktops.

Granite Worktop Alternative:

Quartz worktops are a great alternative to Granite because they look the same but don't soak up water. Also, unlike Granite, which only comes in a few colours, quartz can be made to have various colours and textures added to it.

Granite worktop cleaner / Cleaning process/ how to clean

Even though some extra care and attention may be needed, you don't need special skills to clean granite worktops. If you follow this guide on how to clean granite worktops, you will be happy with the results.

●       Step 1: Squirt dish soap or granite cleaner onto a soft sponge.

Mild dish soap mixed with water is the best way to clean Granite regularly. (Another choice is a cleaner for Granite that is made with rubbing alcohol.) Start by filling a sponge with water from the sink. Then, put a small amount of dish soap in the middle of the sponge.

●       Step 2: Wring out excess water.

If water pools on the stone, it could change colour, so rub the sponge or cloth on the rock until suds form, then squeeze the water out. (You can skip this step if using a cleaner for Granite.)

●       Step 3: Wipe the counters.

To clean the whole counter, use a soft cloth and small, circular motions. If the worktop is not broken, you can keep cleaning it with this nonabrasive method, but it may take a little more work to get rid of the dried food. Need to clean up a mess? Read on to learn how to bring back the original colour of stained Granite.

●       STEP 4: Dry granite worktops completely.

Clean the counters nicely with a soft cloth. The Granite won't get damaged by water, and the top will be clean and shiny.

●       Step 5. Apply baking soda or granite stain remover to spots.

You can clean Granite that spills or stains have been damaged with a paste made of baking soda or a commercial granite stain solution like Hope's Perfect. After the first wash, use a granite stain remover to remove any remaining stains.

 Granite worktop cost:

Most people pay between $2,185 and $4,280 to have granite worktops in a kitchen of average size. The cost per square foot is between $50 and $200. Installing Granite in your home will cost different amounts, depending on its size, thickness, and finish. Find a company in your area that installs granite worktops and asks them for free price quotes. 

 Granite worktop cutting service:

We offer several different edges for worktops. Unless you tell us otherwise, all of our standard worktops have a common border. On the other side, if you asked for advice, you might hear that the price of the worktop depends on how big it is. How your kitchen looks and feels depends a lot on its edges. Our kitchen worktops have a 1/4-inch bevel on the edge facing the sink. This will look not only nice but also be helpful as a safe place to work.

 Granite worktop direct supplier:

Granite quarries can be found worldwide, but India, China, and Italy are the top three. Since the stone is natural, you can be sure your worktop will be as unique as the stone itself. Granite comes in many different colours and patterns. Even though Granite is strong, it is not indestructible. It can be chipped and stained, which makes it a more high-maintenance option. Even with these flaws, Granite is beautiful to look at when it is naturally polished. We Rome Stones work directly from our factory ensuring we can provide you with the cheapest price in London & Greater London location. We will help to create a space which reflects your dreams of a perfect kitchen. Please feel free to contact our customer service team if you need a price or have any other questions.

 Granite Worktop Edging Service:

You can finish the top and bottom edges of your worktops, or just the top edge, in different ways to make them look more rounded or soft.

A pencil round is a short pencil, a Pencil square is a pencil with a chamfered end, a Half Bull nose is a single bull nose, a Full Bull nose is a double bull nose, or you can get a design that fits your needs.

Every worktop order comes with two polished edges that have been chamfered. In most cases, the pre-polished edge can be used again. If you want a rounder or "bull nose" profile, feel free to ask about the price.

If you want us to put in your new worktops, you have to be there to make sure you're happy. But, unfortunately, we won't get the rest of the money until then.

Granite worktop edging profiles

Our kitchen worktops can be made to fit your needs exactly. Just tell us what you want, and we'll show you what's possible with marble, Granite, and quartz.

Here are some of the most popular kitchen worktop edge profiles:

●       Chamfered edge

Sharp edges that don't get in the way of the design. Both the top and bottom of the picture are changed to soften it. This is about as square as it gets.

This is our most popular edge profile for kitchens.

●       Double pencil edge

Your work surface should have smooth, slightly rounded edges on both the top and bottom. The same thing as a chamfered edge, but with a more admirable polish.

●       Full bullnose edge

Stone worktops with fully rounded edges are often used in bathrooms, but they also have a classic look and are used in kitchens.

●       Half bullnose edge

This edge is like the Full Bullnose, but its top is rounded with a smaller radius. This gives the stone worktop a friendlier look.

●       Ogee edge

This s-shaped curve edge is often found on kitchen and bathroom worktops with more traditional designs.

●       Sharknose edge

This s-shaped curve edge worktop profile is often seen in kitchen and bathroom worktops with more traditional designs.

●       Mitered apron edge

We add a downstand piece with a mitered edge to the worktop to give it the look of being thicker. Most kitchen worktops have a 40mm miter height. Also, the islands' worktops and end panels can have a smooth, continuous surface with a mitered edge. This design element is often called a waterfall.

●       Mitered apron edge with return

It looks like a mitered apron edge and is usually found in kitchen islands or worktops with a metal strip (usually an LED strip), but it can be used in other places. The extra return of the Mitered Edge connects the base worktop to the cabinets like a puzzle piece made of stone.

●       Custom worktop edge

Please ask if your kitchen worktops or bathroom sink can have a custom edge finish and how much it will cost by describing the style you want.

 Granite worktop fitting service:

Before the granite worktops can be made and installed, a template survey must be done. This means getting exact measurements of the kitchen units and the final placements of sinks, hobs, faucets, and other fixtures. This is then used to make granite worktops, ensuring that the Granite is cut perfectly and the final product looks great.

We cut and make all of our granite worktops with state-of-the-art equipment (CNC), so you can be sure that your new worktop will fit your kitchen or bathroom perfectly and look great for years to come. In addition, you can trust that you're in good hands with our stone masons and technicians, who have worked with stone for many years and are very skilled at what they do.

When you buy a Granite or Quartz Worktop Surface from us, we also offer a template and installation service to make things easier.

 Granite worktop grades

They provide a measurement environment that is not affected by changes in temperature and are very strong because they are thick and heavy. Our dinnerware made of Granite is approved by UKAS and meets BS 817 standards (2008). There are versions for Grade 0, Grade 1, and Grade 2 available.

 Granite worktop heat resistance

You can put hot dishes right on granite worktops without worry. Granite doesn't care if it's 248 degrees Celsius outside. Because Granite is an igneous rock that formed when magma cooled, it has a melting point of between 657 and 682 degrees Celsius or 1215 to 1260 degrees Fahrenheit.

 Granite Worktop installation

When the granite worktops get to the job site, they can be put in. Start by putting the workspace together without any tools to ensure it fits well. Then, hold the stone carefully along the cutouts for the sink, stove, and socket as you lift the counter.

Installation Cost approximately:

In the United States, putting in a granite worktop usually costs between $2,000 and $4,500, with $3,100 being the average cost across the country. So, what exactly does that price tag cover? Read on to find out!

Installation Services:

When you hire us, we'll take care of everything, from taking out your old worktop to preparing the base of your cabinets and caulking the joints. We will never leave a customer with an installation that isn't finished. Our skilled worktop fitters know how to do the job right because they have done it before. In addition, everyone on our staff knows a lot about working with stone. As experts in the stone business, we can help you decide between Granite and Quartz for your worktops.

Installation guide

●       First Step: Making a plan is the first step in putting in a granite counter.

Granite is hard to work with because it is heavy, oversized, and needs special tools to be cut. Even though it has a reputation for being strong, it can crack or even break if it is not put in the right place or handled carefully. There are some ways to fix a cracked granite tile. This is why you must work with a worktop supplier you can trust. First, choose the style of granite worktop you like best. Online retailers make it easy to get samples and other slab options. You'll be able to see the beautiful grain patterns and range of colours of the wood up close.

●       Second Step:  How big does a granite worktop need to be?

After you've decided on Granite for your worktops and taken out the old ones, you'll need to measure your base cabinets very carefully. You could also start with the worktops of the base cabinets. But, first, the distance from the frame's opening to the wall's farthest point must be measured.

●       The third step: is to make a pattern for your granite counter.

The most accurate way to get measurements for your stone fabricator is to make a template out of cardboard or Mylar plastic. Many companies make commercial worktops like Correx, a brand name for an extruded polypropylene sheet with two walls.

●       Fourth Step: Getting ready for the installation of the granite worktop

Not a good idea to put packers right under granite worktops. Because of them, when you put pressure on your Granite, it might get tiny cracks. Before putting in granite worktops, take out the stove, sink, and faucets.

●       Fifth Step: Have your granite worktops delivered and put in.

Work surfaces must permanently be moved while standing up. They should never be laid flat. The result is that the stone stays in good shape and doesn't crack or break. Put granite slabs on the edge of support that looks like an A-frame and is used to move glass panels. If necessary, a rack can be made. To protect the borders, you should wrap them with strong adhesive tape. Even if the road is a little rough, it won't break while it's being moved.

●       Sixth Step: Putting together your counters

When the granite worktops get to the job site, they can be put in. Start by putting the workspace together without any tools to ensure it fits well.

Hold the stone carefully along the cutouts for the sink, stove, and socket as you lift the counter.

You can just put the slabs on the frame of the lower cabinet. Unlike solid plywood, Granite doesn't need extra support underneath it.

If the edge of a worktop is not flush with the wall and needs to be fixed, label all the parts you want to take off and move them down slowly.

●       The seventh step: is to join the granite slabs together.

Several granite worktop panels can be snapped together when the granite surfaces are flush and level with the cabinets.

First, tape the edges, so they don't get broken. Then, to seal the butt joints, you can buy two-part epoxy in the same color from a stone business.

Everything should be screwed in until you feel some resistance. Once the epoxy has dried, the force from the automatic pump will keep the edges of the parts together. A joint setter also ensures that the seams are straight at their top edges.

●       The eighth step: is to put the worktops on top of the cabinets.

After the worktops with joints are in place, you can put the stone on the cabinets. Even though the weight of the Granite is almost enough to keep it in place, a bead of caulk or a dab of silicone along the lower edge of the worktop can help keep the stone in place. Don't use silicone caulk since it can seep into the rock and leave a permanent discolouration. Instead, it would help if you used silicone made from acrylic. Let the tops sit on the silicone for 15–20 minutes for the best results.

●       The ninth step: is to seal the granite worktop installation.

After you put your granite worktops in the kitchen, you should seal them with a protective finish. If you close the stone in this way, it won't get stained for good. On the internet, you can save money on high-quality sealants for Granite. Please don't use a cheap sealer because it could cause your stone's color to change or cause it to react badly. You can use a sealant made in Europe if you want to.

●       The Final step: Care for your granite worktops.

Any online store will have pH-balanced cleaners that will do a great job cleaning your new worktops. If you use this special cleaner on your granite counters regularly, they will keep their shiny, like-new look without any residue.

Granite worktop joint

Two pieces of Granite or quartz are butted together to make a joint in a worktop. Your fabricator should go to the site to discuss where the joints should go. Worktops made of Granite or quartz usually can't be more than 3000mm long all at once.

●       Joint filler:

Additives for Granite Joint Care is a specially made solution that can help relieve the pain from moving joints. However, it may be easy to see that there is no glucosamine or chondroitin.

●       Joint repairing:

We offer the following services to keep Granite in good shape: How to keep stains from happening and get rid of them (Poulticing) Cleaning and polishing well Scratches on the surface can be taken off and fixed. Always Ensure that the product you use to clean your natural stone worktops says it is safe to use on natural stone.

Granite worktop maximum length

Worktops made of Granite or quartz usually can't be more than 3000mm long all at once. However, if the worktop is made of Granite and has a hole for a stove or sink, it may need to be cut shorter because the material gets weaker on either side of the hole.

Granite worktop maintenance

It's essential to take care of the granite surface in your kitchen because it will be the focal point of your beautiful room. Unfortunately, even the most durable granite worktops can be worn down by a lot of foot traffic in a kitchen. So we've given you some tips on how to keep your Granite looking brand new.

●       Lock Granite for Good

As part of regular maintenance, seal your worktops. Since Granite is more porous than other stones like quartz, it can soak up spills faster than this one. Since not all granites are the same, and some can soak up a lot more water than others, it is recommended that you get your granite worktops sealed every six months to a year. Also, darker, more transparent granites need filling less often than lighter, thicker granites.

●       Routine Maintenance

You can keep your Granite worktop looking new by wiping it down often with warm water and a microfiber cloth. Every day, clean the surface with a damp microfiber cloth to reduce the number of fingerprints and other marks. Next, mix a drop or two of PH-neutral dish soap or cleaning solution with a cup of warm water, wipe the area down with a damp microfiber towel, and then buff it dry. To keep your Granite looking shiny, rub it after you clean it to eliminate water spots and streaks.

●       Cleaning from top to bottom

If you want your granite worktop to stay in excellent condition, you should clean it more thoroughly once a week. In addition, you should get a PH-neutral cleaner for your worktops if you buy things off the shelf. Neutral pH products are easier on your Granite but eliminate all traces of dirt and grime. You can also make your cleaner with baking powder and water.

●       Future safety

Even though granite worktops come with a warranty that lasts a lifetime, you should still take care of them. Even if your surface can handle it, you probably shouldn't use a hot pan or chop food without a cutting board. Even though putting a hot pan directly on a stone worktop probably won't hurt it, you shouldn't do it for long periods, especially in the winter. You might scratch it a little if you leave ceramics on your granite counter. Put mats under these things to keep your floors from getting scratched.

●       The Stone No One Noticed

Use a heavy-duty degreaser that is safe to use on Granite to remove all the dirt, grease, and grime built up over time on Granite that has been left alone. These kinds of products are usually very concentrated; their goal is to clean the stone well without hurting it. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to the letter if you want to keep your worktop in good shape.

 Are Granite Worktops Outdated ?

White and black granite worktops, which both look pretty simple, are in style now. Designs that are too busy to enjoy, like black Granite with white speckles, are becoming less popular. Because of how kitchen design is going right now, you could say that these colors are "out of date."

 Do You Need To Polish Granite Worktop?

Getting a granite worktop polish will make your kitchen shine again. There are many things to choose from, so it's essential to do your homework ahead of time and follow the directions strictly. Also, before putting granite worktop polish on, ensure the surface has been sealed properly.

 Granite Worktop Pros & Cons:

●       First, Granite is a stone that is found in nature.

Granite is a natural stone with no fillers or dyes made by people. It looks like it and has the same qualities as the rock it was made from.

●       It can stand up to scorching temperatures.

Granite is one of the best building materials when it comes to being able to handle high temperatures. It can't be broken by temperatures much hotter than those in a kitchen. Granite is the best material for a kitchen counter because it can handle hot pots and pans.

●       It lasts a long time.

This stone is so hard that even if you drop something heavy on it, it won't break. As a result, it is one of the most durable materials for a kitchen counter.

●       Chemical sensitivity that can't be fixed is the fourth sign.

Chemicals that are too alkaline or too acidic can hurt Granite. With water and soap, you can do the job just as well as with most commercial cleaners. If you want to clean the glass better, you can use the glass cleaner.

●       Keeps scratches from getting in

Granitic rock, like Granite, is made up of molecules that are very close together, making it very hard to break. So you don't have to worry about scratching your granite worktop when you cut on it, but you might dull your blades.

●       It isn't dark

The slabs are heavy because they are made to last a very long time. Most granite worktops are very heavy and difficult to work with. Installing something is best done by people who have done it before. Possible pre-installation structural support requirements include.

●       Stunning

There's no denying that stones made by Mother Nature are beautiful. Granulation or veining in Granite, which can vary in how strong and thick they are, is a sure sign that the stone is natural. In addition, Granite is a good investment because it is a classic material that will last a long time.

●       It only has a few colours.

Even though Granite is beautiful, it only comes in a few colours. Lime green and bright yellow aren't common in nature so you won't find them in their colour palette. Still, you have many options, so you're sure to find a beautiful colour that fits your needs.

●       Uniqueness

When you buy a granite slab, you know you're getting something unique because no two slabs are the same.

●       It lasts a very long time.

If you choose Granite for your worktops, you can expect them to last long. They won't have any trouble with daily use. Granite is still a popular choice for kitchen worktops. It can handle being scratched and lasts for a long time. In addition, you will have so many beautiful colors to choose from. It's terrible that it's heavy and reacts to chemicals, but these problems can be fixed with care.

Granite worktops quality levels check

Use a coin or something else made of metal to scratch the polished Granite to find out how good it is. If the cash leaves a mark, the Granite wasn't polished well and will soon show wear.

Granite worktop repair service

We can fix granite worktops that are broken. Most of the time, we can repair cracks or chips in your worktops with an epoxy resin close to the same colour as the rest of the surface.

Are granite worktops stain-proof?

In addition to being resistant to heat and scratches, Granite is also resistant to stains. A good seal also makes it almost impossible to get dirty. Remember that spills should always be cleaned up within a few minutes. If you leave acidic chemicals on the counter, the seal will break down, making the Granite easier to stain.

Are Granite Worktops Worth the Cost?

Granite is an investment, but it's money well spent if you want a kitchen worktop that will be a showpiece and last for decades. On the other hand, quartz worktops or another material might be better for you if you'd rather have a lighter surface with a consistent design.