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Marble worktops London

Rome Stones is considered as the best providers of Marble worktops London. Since we deal with you directly from the factory, you avoid markups that aren't necessary. Marble countertops usually comprise 90% crushed natural Marble and 10% polyresin. A little different from one manufacturer to the next in terms of proportions (Caesarstone, Silestone, Cambria, etc.). our Marble worktops London are made in a lab. Since they don't have pores, water won't damage them like it would Marble or other natural stones. These beautiful surfaces look like marble but don't stain or fade and are easy to keep clean. With our help, you can make the kitchen of your dreams. Feel free to contact us if you have questions regarding Marble worktops London or want a quote. A marble countertop is fine as long as the kitchen stays the same temperature. Some kinds of marble can stand up to the heat of up to 248 degrees Celsius. On the other hand, low-quality Marble worktops may break at about 200 degrees Celsius. Also, everyone here has a lot of experience working with stone. As experts in the stone business, we can give you our professional opinion to help you decide between Granite, Quartz and Marble worktops London for your kitchen.

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Marble worktops, Quartz worktops and Granite worktops in London are our speciality, and we're happy to introduce you to Rome Stones, one of London's best fabricators, suppliers, and installers in this worktop field. We cut out the middleman and deal with you directly from the factory, which saves you money. We'll help you plan a kitchen that's everything you've ever wanted. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions or would like a quote.

Marble worktops alternative

Even though some materials, like cultured Marble, can look like Marble, quartz, and granite are three of the best alternatives to Marble. Here's a look at the differences and similarities between the three most common types of worktops.

● Quartz:

Quartz worktops in London are made of a mixture of crushed natural quartz and polyresin, usually in the proportion of 90:10. The amount of each part in the substance varies a little bit between manufacturers (Caesarstone, Silestone, Cambria, etc.). Quartz worktops in London are made in a lab; since they don't have pores, they won't get damaged by water like Marble or other natural stones. These attractive surfaces look like Marble but are easy to clean and come in a wide range of colours that won't stain or fade. Here are a few ways that quartz is better than Marble.

● Vena Calacatta Infinita Quartz:

This beautiful white quartz might be the best choice if you want a stone that looks like Marble, specifically Calacatta marble. This artificial stone could be a beautiful addition to your kitchen design, whether you use it with light or dark cabinets (or bathroom, etc.).

● Vena Statuario Bianco Quartz:

Vena Statuario Bianco is an excellent choice if you want to find quartz that looks like Marble. This fabric is beautiful because of the grey lines that run through it.

● 5131 Calacatta Nuvo Caesarstone Quartz:

The 5131 Calacatta Nuvo Caesarstone quartz from Caesarstone is another excellent choice. It will be a safe choice for your project because it looks good, lasts long, and has other benefits.

Marble worktops benefits:

The natural shine of marble worktops gives off an air of refined elegance.

● The easy class

Marble worktops stones like Blanco Ibiza, Carrara, Crema Marfil, Indian Green, and Negro Marquina will always be in style. That makes you wonder, what are they up to? Because they look nice and keep heat in, we can use them to build spaces that are one of a kind.

● Durability

The earth itself gives your marble worktops their strength. This safety feature will keep them from getting any knocks or scrapes.

● Can't be hurt by heat

Marble is used in kitchens and bakeries because it keeps things cool. Because of this, Marble is the best material for bakers to use as a worktop.

But Marble has the added benefit of standing up to high heat. But it would help if you still used a worktop protector to keep cooking tools from scratching the counter.

● Distinction

There have been a lot of fake goods hitting the market recently. None of these, though, has been able to match the unique character of the Marble.
Since marble worktops are made from natural materials, each has its colour and pattern.

● Longevity

If you want a counter that will last a lifetime, you can only choose Marble. A claim can be proven by looking at how the best historic buildings worldwide were built. The Basilica of Saint Peter in Vatican City is an excellent example of this (Vatican City).

● Affordability

Contrary to what most people think, some types of Marble are less expensive than some types of granite and other easy-to-find imitation materials. This means that the price of Marble shouldn't stop you from putting in marble worktops.

If money is tight, it's best to get quotes from more than one company, compare prices, and think about the pros and cons of each type of worktop before making a final choice.

● Glossiness

Polishing marble brings out its full beauty and shows its strength and elegance. In addition, it can reflect a natural shine, giving your kitchen or bathroom a one-of-a-kind look.

● Versatility

Depending on how it is treated, Marble can look very different. However, because it is flexible, you can use it to set the scene for various situations. Incredibly, the same things can be used in modern and old-fashioned settings.

How to Get Ready to Clean marble worktops?

In this case, you shouldn't use lemon, vinegar, or any other home remedy on your Marble. Depending on the stain, there are many ways to get rid of it. Rust, wine, and coffee stains must be cleaned with 100 vol. peroxide and then rinsed well with water and soap.

Marble worktops cost:

Estimates say that 20 mm thick marble worktops will cost around £1,200, including the materials and putting them in. A marble breakfast bar with a thickness of 25 millimetres is expected to cost between £620 and £1,200, including the cost of the materials and having it put in place. For 18mm marble upstands, the total cost, including the price of materials and labour to put them in, is expected to be between £170 and £270.

Marble worktops colours:

If you choose us to supply your marble worktops, you can be sure that you will get the best Marble that your budget will allow and a worktop perfectly suited to your tastes. You could have marble worktops in your kitchen in as little as a week.

Before you start looking for a colour for your marble worktops, you have probably already done your research and learned about all the pros and cons of Marble. So you're eager to start figuring out what colours you like.

Here is a list of the five most common shades of Marble we carry to help you get started choosing a colour scheme.

● White

As for kitchen worktops, you can choose from two different shades of white Marble. Our whitest white shows off the veining beautifully and is generally thought to be the most trendy colour. We also have a white that isn't quite as bright if that's what you want. If you want your kitchen to look nice and be in style, you should think about using a lot of white.

● Cream

Customers who don't want to go cold turkey will find that cream is a great middle ground. The cream is excellent for mixing with other colours because it goes well with many of them. We have three different shades of cream that will make your kitchen look like a palace when used together.

● Black

Since everything monochromatic is in style right now, it's safe to say that black is the colour of choice. So we have a black with white veins and a darker black with a clear pattern for sale.

● Brown

And finally, we have the most shades of brown, which is a pretty extensive colour range. You can choose between an earthy brown and a brown that looks like coffee. We have brown marble worktops in six different shades and styles. Whether you like light or dark browns, our selection has what you need.

● Red

Even though it seems like an "unusual" choice, red is often used in interior design. Each of our red marble worktops comes in two different colours and patterns. One is more orange than red. Even though red isn't for everyone, it goes well with many other colours.

Marble worktops cutting services

All of our worktops have the same number of holes cut into them by a saw. Please let us know if you need more than the standard number of cuts or a different kind of cutout.

Marble worktops is a direct supplier of low cost

Our company, Rome Stones, is a dealer in London in making, distributing, and installing Quartz, Granite, and marble worktops. We cut out the middleman and deal with you directly from the factory, which saves you money. We'll help you plan a kitchen that's everything you've ever wanted. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions or would like a quote.

Marble worktops edging (short details):

We have a few choices for the edges of our worktops. If you don't give us specific instructions, we give all of our standard worktops a standard edge.

(i) Marble worktops edging services

As was said on the other side, the cost would depend on the worktop size. The edges of your kitchen make a massive difference in how it looks and finishes. The edges of our kitchen worktops always have a 1/4 bevel, which is the norm. This will not only make the space look better, but it will also make it safer for work to be done there.

(ii) Marble worktops edge profiles

Different edge profiles can be used to finish kitchen worktops made of solid surfaces.

Modern kitchens can benefit from clean, uninterrupted lines, like those made by a chamfered edge or the thin, tapered shape of a shark's nose.

For more traditional installations, a more complicated ogee or bullnose shape, or maybe a mix of the two, could be a good match.

Marble worktops fitting services:

Our highly trained staff uses cutting-edge technology and tools to finish the job quickly and to the highest quality standards. As a result, our customers have nothing but good things to say about how good our service is. Also, we tailor our services to each customer's needs and offer them at prices that are easy for them to pay.

Marble worktops grades:

There are apparent flaws in grade C marble, such as lines of separation or holes. Manufacturers often have to deal with these issues during the making process itself. In some places, we might be able to see the holes. Since natural stone chips are used to fill cracks in Marble, there are often spots that aren't polished.

Marble worktops heat resistance

A Marble worktops can be used in a kitchen that gets only moderately hot. Some kinds of Marble can stand up to temperatures as high as 248 degrees Celsius, which is true. However, at temperatures around 200 degrees Celsius, you can expect marble worktops of lower quality to crack a little.

Marble worktops installation service

We'll come to most parts of London to put in your new granite, Quartz, & marble worktops.

We have made a name for ourselves as one of the most trusted companies for installing and fitting kitchen worktops in Greater London.

Call us first if you need a new kitchen worktop in London or an old one replaced. Our team knows how to install all kinds of kitchen worktops, such as solid surfaces. So, if you want to put together kitchen worktops, you don't need to look further than us. We have some of the lowest prices in the business and our best service.

Installation cost:

The table below shows how the price of marble worktops can vary depending on the type of Marble chosen. Estimates say that 20 mm thick marble worktops will cost around £1,200, including the materials and putting them in.

Installation Guide before installation:

● Please check how big you are.

It's essential to take accurate measurements of the area. Measure everything and decide if you want a single unit with the sink built in or if you want to put it in a separate sink.

● Choose a worktop.

Find a nice worktop at a hardware store near you, if you are living in Greater London and looking for marble worktops then you can feel free to contact us. If you want to learn more about a product before buying it, you can use the Internet to learn about the different kinds of designs, we have.
If you are from outside of greater London our suggestion is closeout sales are a great way to save money if you can find them.

● Getting the old worktop off.

Carefully take apart the old counter, paying close attention to the sink and cabinets. To make room for the new worktop, you must first get rid of the old one.

● Practice in a simulated setting.

Before putting the worktop on, ensure it fits nicely on top of the cabinet shell. If the worktop isn't perfectly square, you may need to trim and sand it to make it fit right. A power sander should be used to get rid of the extra Marble.

● Backsplashes are a way to decorate.

Before putting the backsplash up, ensure it fits nicely against the wall. Then, align everything again and make any necessary changes before going further.

● Put it on.

After ensuring everything fits well, use a clear silicone caulking adhesive to glue everything together. Clear silicone is better because it sticks well and won't leave marks on white Marble. Don't use dark-coloured glues on Marble because they can take away from the beauty of the stone. Before you put the glue on the Marble, wipe it down with a wet wipe that has been soaked in alcohol. Dust will no longer exist at all. If there is extra glue on the marble counter, wipe it off as soon as possible.

● Time to get dry

After ensuring the installation was done evenly and correctly, you should let the worktop set for a whole night. Then, check every crack and crevice. You can speed up the bonding process as the worktop dries by putting heavy things on top. Before working on the counter, use a level to ensure it is straight from back to front and side to side.

● Cleaning the Surface

A soft, damp cloth is all you need to clean and care for marble worktops. Never use harsh cleaners on your new marble worktops to keep them from getting scratched.

Marble worktops joint

When setting up your kitchen layout, you have to consider the limitations of the materials you use. If you choose stone worktops for your kitchen, at least one seam will be easy to see. When should I put a joint on my counter? You will need a joint if your counter has a corner. Each piece is too big for the slab of material we have. Your plan includes drain covers for the sinks and stoves—Angles of Worksurfaces.

(i) What is marble joint filler?

Filler for cracks is a common building material, especially for roads made of Marble. Because of this, you'll find it in almost every home's kitchen, bathroom, and other marble rooms. The joint filling is essential in keeping a building in good shape and making it worth more.

(ii) Joint repairing services

We are proud to offer Fabric Expansion Joint Repair to our customers. This is a service that our trained professionals offer so that you can get your fabric expansion joints fixed quickly and affordably. We know that fabric expansion joints may need to be fixed at some point, so we offer our clients this service. People love these services because they can be counted on and changed to fit different needs.

Marble worktops kitchen designing ideas

When planning your kitchen layout, you should carefully consider where each item goes because this can significantly impact the whole experience. Modern homemakers who want to cut down on the time and stress they spend cooking have much to gain from using modern kitchen appliances. Modern kitchens tend to have appliances that are built in, and this includes the traditional stove or oven. Portable stoves are no longer as popular as once, and homeowners now want built-in stoves.

Marble worktops full-service provider in London

We are a well-known company that provides Marble Tiles Fitting Services to meet the needs of our customers, which are constantly changing.

After doing a lot of research on the market, our skilled agents find these adhesives from suppliers they know they can trust. The quality of the materials used to pack has been deemed good enough.

Marble worktops maintenance

We are one of the best companies in maintaining marble worktops. Professionals do this service with high-quality tools. Before they do the service, our experts look at all the quality indicators for this service. Therefore, we can do this service for you if you need it. Also, our customers have come to like the given service because it has fair prices and can be done quickly.

Marble worktops maximum length

The size of the scant or slab often determines how long a work surface can be. The most significant work surface we can make is about 2.8 m by 1.3 m, but if you need a cutout, this size can be cut down by a lot. Before putting in Silestone worktops, ensure that your units are mounted securely and in the right place.

Are marble worktops worth the money?

Natural stone worktops are expensive, especially if they are made of granite or Marble. But the extra cost is worth it because it will last longer and look better. Depending on how good and thick it is, granite worktops in London can cost anywhere from £40 to £50 per square foot to as much as £180 per square foot.

Are marble worktops outdated?

Marble can be used to make floors, tables, sculptures, worktops, and many other things. Because Marble is beautiful and highly valued, many still have it as a worktop in their kitchens and bathrooms.

Does the marble worktops need to polish

The safest way to bring out the shine of Marble is to use a chamois on a wet surface to polish it. As the chamois dries, it gets smoother and more polished. If you want it to shine, even more, you can buff it to perfection with commercial polish and chamois.

marble worktops quality check

Marble or granite chips should not crack when rubbed vigorously with another hard object.

● If you tap it lightly, it should make a ringing sound.

Some kinds of natural marble worktops and granite worktops in London have cuts and marks on the surface that go through the stone. No matter how much you try to polish them out, these nicks and scratches will never disappear. Floors or slabs with these flaws tend to have a bad vibe, so if you can help, don't buy them.

When buying flooring or Marble, look for pieces that are mostly the same tone and color. Marbles like botticina fancy and Verona don't show their subtle differences in colour and tone until they are polished. If you want to buy unpolished marble flooring, 90% of the pieces should have the same colour. You can check this by dropping water on the surface of different unpolished marble pieces.

● All marble and granite flooring pieces should be the same thickness.

Natural granites shouldn't be made to shine more with an added colour. This is easy to check by rubbing a damp towel across the polished side of the granite.

Some marbles and granites have flaws that come with them, like a higher rate of absorption. More quickly than others, these marbles lose their charm. Talk to your suppliers and try not to buy these stones if you can.

Some marbles and granites are vulnerable because they are porous and have deep cuts. Before talking to your suppliers, please don't buy these kinds of marble or granite.

Can the marble worktops be repaired?

Mix warm water with a natural cleaner to clean marble worktops, and then use a sponge or soft cloth to apply the solution. Once you've dried and rinsed the area enough, the dirt and stains will be gone, and you won't even have to scratch the surface. However, if you seal the Marble too often, it can lose its shine.

Are the marble worktops stain-resistant?

Because Marble is porous, it is easy for spills to damage marble worktops. Also, because Marble is porous, it is easy for liquids to soak in and leave stains (particularly from acidic substances). If you leave a lemon slice on marble worktops overnight, for example, it might leave a stain or dull the surface.