What are the Top Kitchen Worktop Savers?

When put on a surface that is not heat-resistant, heat-generating cookware should be handled carefully. Using a worktop saver or protector while cooking is the most effective way to preserve the pristine state of your stone worktops.

If you want the protection to suit the aesthetics of your kitchen, it is essential to consider it alongside your other significant expenditures when designing your kitchen. We are the best provider of your quartz worktops in London.

Can You describe the materials utilized for work surface protectors and savers?


Due to its resilience to heat and simplicity of cleaning, toughened glass is commonly used as a chopping board and tabletop protector. Glass cutting boards are adaptable. They can be decorated as desired by adding patterns and images.

Also, the goods are customizable. The least expensive glass-top protectors cost about £4.

Pricing for A3 (600mm x 520mm) sizes begins at £50.


Wood, mainly bamboo, may protect counters from things up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, making it suitable for use with ordinary pots and pans. These affordable bamboo coasters start at approximately £4 each.

For as low as £125, you may acquire custom-made hardwood planks for oak, walnut, or iroko.

Steel, Stainless

You also suggested cutting boards and counter guards made of stainless steel. Because of its resistance to high temperatures, you may lay hot dishes and pans from the burner or oven right on it.

Small stainless steel shields are available for as little as $7. They are 300 by 200 millimetres in size. Our more oversized slide-on protectors commence at £150 per square metre.

The base price for a 500mm x 400mm stainless steel slide-on protection is approximately £36.


Marble is widely utilized as a kitchen worktop due to its durability and gorgeous appearance. Since it is a sturdy, durable, and heat-resistant natural product, it is also perfect for use in the kitchen.

Nonetheless, a marble worktop protector is essential if you want your marble surface to retain its beautiful appearance for as long as possible.

Prices for marble boards begin at approximately £15


A slate worktop protector would be a great addition to a kitchen with a slate worktop. As a result of the slate’s resistance to heat and lack of pores, it can be used immediately with items from the oven.

Prices range from approximately £9 for a 400mm x 300mm square to £59 for a 600mm x 300mm or 600mm x 400mm square.


Due to its resilience to heat and slipping, cork is an excellent material for protecting worktops. You may purchase a little cork pad for your pans for approximately £4.


Silicone is heat resistant and transportable. Often, the material is used to create mats and squares that shield surfaces from hot cooking equipment.


Granite is frequently utilized as a kitchen  HYPERLINK “https://romestones.co.uk/”worktop due to its resistance to heat and damage. If you’re seeking an attractive and functional option, protect your current worktop from burns with granite.

Smaller granite  HYPERLINK “https://romestones.co.uk/granite.html”worktop HYPERLINK “https://romestones.co.uk/granite.html”s begin at £20 in price.


Copper provides a beautiful worktop protector that is resistant to bacteria, easy to clean, and safe to use up to 180 degrees Celsius. Massive copper worktop savers are available for as low as £65.

The combination of stainless steel and chrome

Using a trivet will prevent damage to your worktop from hot cookware. Chrome or steel is a typical material for their construction.

A two-pan trivet is available for as low as £5.

Where can I locate an inexpensive worktop protector or saver?

Purchasing a worktop saver or protector may be costly, but there are a few ways to save money.

Avoid the exorbitant cost of personalization by selecting a material that is already manufactured.

You can also inquire about suitable worktop remnants at stores specializing in kitchen design. You can also find cutoffs on the internet.

Determine if the local hardware store offers custom worktop cutting services. In that case, you can acquire what you need.

What factors affect the price of worktop savers/protectors?

The cost of a quartz worktops in London saver or protector will vary according to various factors.

The Scale

It is typical to locate work surface guards and savers in various sizes. You will require a reasonable size if you intend to use them for cooking.

Typically, a chopping board will measure approximately 35 cm by 25 cm. Protecting your worktops with a rug no smaller than 70 by 50 inches is prudent.

Category of Substance

Because they are manufactured from the same materials as worktops, a vast selection of worktop covers are available. Glass, wood, granite, and marble are all easily available alternatives.

Custom protection may incorporate pricier materials such as stainless steel and crystal.

Chrome trivets and silicone mats are also available for your stovetop. Trivets and mats can be purchased for as little as £5, depending on their size.

Pick from Ready-Made or Commission Your Own!

Many worktop and surface protectors are available for purchase at major retailers.

If you want a shield that precisely fits your work table, you can purchase a bespoke one. Often, the worktop HYPERLINK “https://romestones.co.uk/blog/kitchen-worktop-suppliers/” manufacturer will take care of this for you.

You can acquire an additional slab of stone worktops material and create custom protection to suit your needs.

The customized option is more expensive.

You could employ a carpenter to make one for you. Typically, carpenters charge between £15 and £22 per hour, though some may provide set rates for particular jobs.