What are the most popular worktop colours?

A kitchen is only sufficient with a worktop. Here is where everything occurs. The worktop is more than just a work surface while renovating a kitchen. It must bear the burden of dictating the ambiance of the place.

Due to its prominence in the area, the kitchen worktop you choose substantially affects its overall aesthetic. We have selected the most popular worktop designs of 2023 so that you may gain inspiration for your own home. These styles have a distinct emphasis on color and the selection of particular materials. You can see some samples of London granite worktops with us. Quartz remains the preferred material for kitchen worktops.

The Marble Movement

In 2023, marble-like worktops will have a more varied aesthetic. Calacatta and Carrara’s marbles are exquisite because of their intricate and warm veining. From Staturio’s icy palette, designers are transitioning to a warmer style, striking the perfect balance between ostentation and coziness.

Calacatta Oro, from the London quartz worktop Collection, is an exquisite and luxurious marble. Calacatta Oro is a great choice for the most refined decor because of its subtle gold veining and flowing river of luscious softness. Its gentle veining gives any design a sense of refinement and tranquility, whether for a commercial or home area.

We believe that our Calacatta Oro would pair well with rustic oak cabinetry.

Quartz’s Long-Term Future

See our dedicated Quartz vs. Granite article for additional information on the differences between Granite and quartz. For many years, Granite, a natural rock, has been the worktop material of choice for homeowners that prioritize strength, durability, and beauty. The fact that it is porous is a disadvantage, however. This suggests that liquids like water, alcohol, and oils can permeate the surface and leave a stain. Worse, it provides an excellent environment for the growth of hazardous bacteria, which might make your worktops unsanitary.

Sealing the Granite with an impermeable sealant will solve the porosity issue. The worktop will require frequent resealing because the sealant will degrade with time and use.

Quartz, however, does not require resealing because it is impermeable. This makes it among the most stain-resistant and easiest-to-clean worktops available to homeowners. When you consider that quartz is also highly durable, it becomes clear why so many people select it for their worktops since it requires such little maintenance and will never go out of style.

Quartz is currently available in various colors and patterns, with various surface treatments that give it the impression of natural stone. The matte finish is trendy. Quartz manufacturers will continue to wow us with innovations in 2023, confirming the material’s status as the worktop material of choice. Not just this year but for many years to come

The Natural Order Of Things

Natural Quartzite will likely be utilized more frequently in 2023. The essence of a room is revitalized by stone surfaces decorated with brilliant colors and creative motifs. Sustaining a modern style necessitates a developing perspective and a revitalized environment.

Our two favorite pieces of Quartzite are Patagonia and the Taj Mahal. These exquisite materials emit light and warmth due to their intricate veining. When coupled with cabinets in either a rich color or a natural wood, these exquisite finishes create a cozy yet stylish environment great for cooking and entertaining.

If you want your home’s renovation to be on-trend, you must include intricate details and abundant warmth.

Vibrant And Enthralling

Counters with a great deal of drama and contrast, mainly if they are black, may appear gothic in certain situations but blend in well in others.

Colorful worktops are a simple way to make a style statement while modernizing your home. This style is not restricted to contemporary surroundings (although black stone or maybe Corian counters look sophisticated and sleek, particularly when combined with sharp white cabinets). In a traditional kitchen, black marble or London granite worktops complement rustic wood racks or a colorful tile backsplash. The contrast between your dishes, flowers, and linens will be highlighted against matte or glossy black surfaces.

Expertise In Engineering

For our final trend, we will analyze how engineering has enhanced work surfaces as their designs have become more intricate. Stone worktops have rapidly become the norm in both business and home design.

Are you using the exquisite Breccia Orchid quartz to create a standout piece? With its beautiful red veining, Calacatta Antique marble from Atlas Plan may be the thing to attract the eye of a potential client. Integrated worktops are not something you would see on a mood board for the design but rather something that may be curated with the assistance of technical professionals.

Due to technological advances and building techniques, stone worktops are no longer an afterthought in house renovations. This way, your overarching design narrative can be realized and even surpassed.

Installing a sink and backsplash constructed from the same material as the worktop is a famous example of this style. Book-matched materials make it easy to reflect the pattern and provide a hypnotic flow of veining and texture throughout the room.


The kitchen worktop has traditionally been the design focal point. As generations pass and homeowners seek the ideal style for their centerpiece kitchen, new trends emerge. In today’s society, diversity reigns supreme. Homeowners have nearly limitless alternatives regarding materials, designs, sizes, and surface treatments. We can be the best London quartz worktop partners of yours.