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kitchen worktop templating

What & Why Template?

Templating is the way in which a kitchen worktop is measured. It ensures that the worktops are cut to exact sizes. Some other companies may use more modern methods of lasers, however we feel that the old-fashioned way of using a plastic material to cut and size up gives us a better cutting grid, but also provides a better visual to the customer of what the worktop would look like. Using this method, we also are able to account for abnormality in the walls of the kitchen or any curves or bumps. We can do everything on the spot and allow for the customer to visually see where everything is and make any changes accordingly.

Pricing Templating is inclusive of the price that we give, all our prices will include templating and cutting.
Time Scale 1 Hour
Cleanliness Templating has no mess and anything that is left we will pick up and get rid of.